Yantra Vibhag

Shree Yantra Panch Dhatu

This Yantra is kept in house and business place which helpful in Business and employment. by keeping this yantra in House spread Positive energy, which gives hapiness peace and prosperity.

Shree Yantra Of Gold

Shree Yantra of Gold can be kept in house in Safe Cupboard (Tijori) and at Business in worship place, which gives growth in Business.

Shree Yantra Of Silver

Shri Yantra of Silver can be kept in House at worship place, which positive energy  helps in Business Growth both Spiritually and Materialistically.

Shree Yantra Sphatik

Sphatik Shri Yantra kept in House or Business place gives benefit in Business as well as in Family Health Harmoney and Peace.

Shree Mrutunjay Yantra

This Yantra is made up with Silver. This yantra is very helpful for helath issues. Gives benefits in all kind of Business area. This yantra also help to gives good helath of your partner.

Shree Ganesh Yantra

This Yantra is used in Worship and also one important thing is that by doing Darshan of this Yantra Unhappiness and problems in your life is solve easily and get success in our daily routine life.

Sarswati Yantra

This Yantra is used for Puja. If children doing Darshan of this Yantra regularly, get good education and results. It also helps to improve memory power and it Creats good atmosphere in the house and remove negative thoughts.

Nine Planets Yantra of Silver


By Keeping Nine Planet Yantra of Silver planet obstacle are prevent or avoid Sada Sati ie(Shani). Sada Sati and Rahu Ketu, Guru, Shukr, Chandra, Mangal, Surya etc are having good changes and give good benefits. Planet Obtain is also prevent person is also release before time and economically person became sound and smoothly.

All Yantra are Worshiped Ceremony and done pujan Vidhi Gods Mercy create all yantra are given by doing poojan vidhi your family members health remains good and progressive.

Santan(Child) Gopal Yantra

This is made with Silver and help to improve child related health issues. This yantra also help for Pregnant women.

Shree Kuber Yantra

Shree Kuber Yantra having extreme power which can transform the financial fortune of an individual or business. Kuber puja helps to get rid of professional
hurdles and makes the person successful. It effectively protects the person and their family from curses and enemies.

Shree Kanak Dhara Yantra

Kanak Dhara Yantra is made of Panch Dhatu. This Yantra can be kept in House & Business place by which, person can get good progres in business. It helps to improve health harmany and peace.

Shree Kanak Dhara Yantra of Gold

This Kanak Dhara Yantra of Gold helpful who is having possess goddess maha Laxmiji Mercy on the person. Its programs is done in any sector with good effects by which work done smoothly and earning more and more money. Its favor family and maintained it.
Shree Vastu dosh Grah dosh Nivaran Yantra having extreme power which can solve business issues. This Yantra Create Positive energy and removes negative energy and Gives peace and harmoney in home. This Yantra also removes all kind of Grah related problem in horoscope.