Vrat Udhyapan

We are doing different kinds of Vrat Pujan which are as follows :

This Vrat can be done in Pure Purushottam month (Adhik mas). By This Udhyapan People get Family's Welfare.

Pure Ekadashi Vrat Udhyapan is done to fullfil furruits are achieved in Life coming obstacle are prevent or avoid. If this work is done with trust and faithfully Shri Vishnu Narayan and Laxmiji Shows its mercy and whole family is being welfare.

This Vrat Udhyapan is done combinely and can be done for six months. But in Pur Purushottam mass. This Vrat Udhyapan can be done in one month after udhyapan Ceremony which favor whole family's good things and Family members Long life, Good Health and Prospects.

This Vrat is done for Housewives, Husband and issuing Children and also Good Health, Good Wealth and better future.

This Vrat Udhyapan can be done in pure Purushottam mass. Udhyapan Work can be done mercy of God can ful fil this vrat. It gives us favor to Husband and Wife and Children's health and progress in the Life.

Pure Purushottam Yog can be done and shri Bhagwat Saptah can also be done by Purushottam Yagna due to this all Pitrus are give good blessing to all family members and give hapiness and prosperity grows and many more...